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Q1: Under which circumstances would this newsgroup be a very boring place ?

A1: This newsgroup would be a very boring place if everybody had read the
information behind these URL's:

1. Collected tips and tricks of Timo Salmi:  
   (FTP, ZIPPED files)
   And on the same site:

2. A Webbook on batch files, by Ted Davis:  
   (HTTP, HTML; also available in one large ZIPPED file) 

3. Terry Newton's very comprehensive batch programming website:  

4. And two texts on advanced batch file programming, by myself:

5. Some topics in batch programming by Tom Lavedas:

6. Laurence Soucy's Batch Book:

Q2: All right, I get the hint, but what should I read first ?

A2: If you want a look at something that resembles a real FAQ, download 
the files of URL 1; if you want a tutorial, read URL 2 (or download the 
zipped version from there); if you want to browse through some rather 
complicated stuff, go to URL 3 or 5; if you want a post-graduate course 
in batch file scripting, read or download URL 4a.  There is also an 
intermediate-level course: URL 4b.  I haven't read the Batch Book of
URL 6 yet, but it does look very thorough too.

The miniFAQ is published whenever I feel like it.